Chinese Almond Cookies

Chinese Almond Cookies  |  Amandeleine

Did you know this past Friday was Chinese New Year?

Now that I’m away from home, I don’t do as much for Chinese New Year as I did when I was younger and living with my parents, but there are a few traditions I still try to follow.

Wear red.

Eat noodles for long life!

Don’t clean the house… it washes away all the good fortune.

They’re all a bit superstitious, but they’re tradition!┬áPlus, any tradition telling me not to clean the house is an easy one to keep.

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Key Lime Pie

I hate key limes.

Wait, no, I don’t. Their limey flavour with a particularly tart edge is perfect for baked goods. Perhaps a better way to phrase it is key limes hate me.

No… that’s not it either.

Oh! I know what it is. I hate prepping key limes. I’m a big advocate of doing things “fresh”. Freshly grated nutmeg, fresh instead of frozen berries, freshly squeezed juice… But freshly squeezing enough key limes for a key lime pie?

Urgh. Screw fresh.

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Toffee Squares

Alright, nobody freak out.

I think… I think I may be an adult. Sort of. Almost.

My first inkling came when I got married first among my friends. But I couldn’t help myself, he was just so darned cute. While we were in university, he bought me a hamster for Valentine’s Day because I didn’t have time/money for a puppy yet. How do you not marry that man?

Then I moved to a different country from my parents for my full-time job. My “career” if we want to use the big-girl words. To be fair, I moved to the same town as my big brother, so maybe that’s not as “adult” as it could have been.

Then I got a mortgage. We had a steady income and the market was good for house buying… I was just doing what people were all telling me to do really.

I could make excuses forever. Until this past Christmas.

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