Banana Chocolate Walnut Cake

Banana Chocolate Walnut Cake  |  Amandeleine

One of the tough things about transitions is that sometimes they can be slow and drawn out. In terms of my home transition, this means for the past month or so (and continuing for the next couple months) I’ve been living in a “staging” house, free of clutter.

A lot of our house “clutter” was an over abundance of kitchen tools, courtesy of me and my interests. So when it came time to put our house up for sale, lots of them went into storage.

Maybe a little more got put into storage than I wanted.

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Banana S’more Nut Bars

So I’m busy this week and next getting ready for PAX.

PAX stands for ‘Penny Arcade Expo’, which is a video game convention in downtown Seattle.

I believe I have mentioned I am proudly a gigantic nerd.

I’m working on making myself something special to wear to the convention like last year, causing me to spend a lot more time at the sewing machine than in the kitchen or in front of the computer.

But fear not! I’m leaving you with something incredibly wonderful to tide you over.

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Banana Banana Bread

The first thing I ever made completely by myself (meaning my mom wasn’t allowed to help beyond answering the occasional question) was a chocolate chip banana bread. My high school sweetheart was a fan of the chocolate and banana combo and my mom made a mean chocolate chip banana muffin. I took her recipe and put all the dough in a loaf pan instead of a muffin pan.

For some reason I felt a single loaf was more romantic than a pile of muffins? Or something? I had this image in my head of a fresh loaf of bread in a basket. Why that couldn’t be muffins in a basket, I’m not entirely sure. But loaf. HAD to be loaf.

This switch to loaf made everything more stressful. If I had muffins I could have tested one with my boyfriend being none the wiser. With a loaf, stealing a slice would have been somewhat obvious.

So I blindly handed over my first baking attempt for someone else to consume.

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Banana Coconut Muffins

Trevor and I are having a lazy weekend.

As I type, we’re sitting in a coffee shop, sun pouring through the windows, paper cups of delicious caffeine by our side. Trevor is rotating between reading a book and playing video games. I’m carefully editing photos and now writing this blog post. The only sad part of it all is that we’re not basking directy in the (rare) Seattle sun at one of the patio tables. Editing photos in the sun is not realistic. All the colours start to look the same. The same colour of sun glare on a laptop screen.

Maybe we’ll be out there later with the pups.

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Banana Pecan Cupcakes

Lots of banana pecan cupcakes!

There’s something special about fruit in a baked good on a Sunday. Maybe it’s the association with brunch or the fact that farmer’s markets (my local ones at least) are usually found on Sundays. Personally, I think it’s that different kind of sweetness that fruit has. Just how there’s something extra sweet about a lazy Sunday that no other day has.

Bananas in particular are just one of those things that warm my heart when found in a baked good. Even though overripe mashed bananas look a little… strange..

Mashed bananas

but I let that slide due to their high levels of flavour and deliciousness. In the end, that’s all that matters.

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