Apple Crumble Top Pie

Apple Crumble Top Pie  |  Amandeleine

There’s that saying, “American as apple pie”.

Does that mean I’m breaking some sort of international rule if I make apple pie for Canadian Thanksgiving?

I sure hope not because I made apple pie for Canadian Thanksgiving…

It’s probably cool.

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Dutch Apple Pie Bars

Dutch Apple Pie Bars  |  Amandeleine

Don’t adjust your monitors, this dessert does in fact look eerily similar to last week’s.

I almost didn’t make it for fear that it would appear that I didn’t actually update, but I had to make these.

Last Thursday was Pi Day. And on Pi Day you make pie.

And if you have a lot of folks to share with on Pi Day, making a standard sized pie is insufficient, and instead you must make an entire sheet of pie bars.

Which happen to look a lot like Spiced Oat and Pear Blondies.

Whatever, one cannot have too much baked fruit and oat streusel.

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Apple Crisp

Every now and then I like to ask Trevor what his favourite baked good I make is. You would think I would know, but with all the different things I bake and with how often I bake them, he has trouble picking one. I go ahead and ask anyway and after some thought a list is often produced as opposed to a single clear winner. The list usually contains at least one coconut based item and one fruit based item.

Lately, apple crisp has been the latter.

To be honest, I think apple crisp is the single clear winner for him whether Trevor realizes it or not. Here’s why.

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Baked Peaches with Raspberry Crumble

Baked Raspberry Crumble Peaches

So Trevor wanted to buy some peaches.


However, due to some odd placement decisions by the supermarket staff, he was not able to find his standard peaches. Just white peaches.

White Peaches

We eventually found the normal peaches in a bin over by the… frozen foods? (Err.. what?) By then he already had picked out his white peaches so we just ignored them and moved on.

Unfortunately, Trevor discovered the hard way that he did not like white peaches. He likened them to peaches with no peach flavour. I knew I needed to save the poor things before they ended up in the trash. So I improvised.

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