Dutch Apple Pie Bars

Dutch Apple Pie Bars  |  Amandeleine

Don’t adjust your monitors, this dessert does in fact look eerily similar to last week’s.

I almost didn’t make it for fear that it would appear that I didn’t actually update, but I had to make these.

Last Thursday was Pi Day. And on Pi Day you make pie.

And if you have a lot of folks to share with on Pi Day, making a standard sized pie is insufficient, and instead you must make an entire sheet of pie bars.

Which happen to look a lot like Spiced Oat and Pear Blondies.

Whatever, one cannot have too much baked fruit and oat streusel.

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Beurre and Sel Jammers

Beurre and Sel Jammers - Amandeleine

So I discovered in the researching of this post that Peek Freans Fruit Cremes cookies are a Canadian/British thing. I had this whole spiel in my head about how the first time I spotted this Dorie Greenspan recipe, I thought it was a fancy version of a Fruit Creme and thus quickly ignored it because I do not like Fruit Cremes.

But in my searching for a link to reference “Peek Freans Fruit Cremes” I discovered that there are no “Peek Freans” cookies in the states.

And thus, my oh so relatable post become notably less relatable to most of my readers. At least, according to the metrics that WordPress collects for me, most of my readers access my blog from America.

So instead, I will explain to you what a Peek Freans Fruit Creme is. Exciting, I know.

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Browned Butter Blueberry Muffins

Browned Butter Blueberry Muffins

Come. Come come. Have a seat with me. I have something I need to discuss.

Grab a chair and a muffin. Oh, and some coffee, definitely, muffin + coffee make for a deadly duo. I would argue even better than donut + coffee. Except maybe Krispy Kremes and coffee. Krispy Kreme glaze is so delicious but coats your mouth like nobody’s business and coffee cuts through it beautifully, preparing your mouth for that next bite…

Er, sorry, tangent.

Here’s what I actually wanted to discuss: I think continental breakfast gets a bad rap.

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Blueberry Buckle

Piece of buckle

“Blueberry Buckle” is just one of those phrases I love to say. Blueberry buckle, blueberry buckle, blueberry buckle. I just enjoy the way it rolls out of my mouth, almost a tongue-twister, but not quite. Blueberry buckle.

Pint of Blueberries

Then there’s the wonderful factor of was a blueberry buckle is. Fresh, plump blueberries nestled in a moist coffee cake under a deliciously textured crown of streusel. I’d top everything with streusel if I could, all crumbly and sweet. Top a muffin with it? Of course. Add a little texture on top of a pound cake? Why not? Replace the top crust of my pie with streusel? Yes, please.

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